Why should you hire a tour operator company in Myanmar?

Myanmar has slowly but surely coming into the tourist fold in the last couple decades. With the iron-fist military governance slacking and a free and fair election taking place, Myanmar has now become a favourite tourist destination in the East. From the spectacular temples, hot air balloon rides, lip-smacking cuisines, exotic scenes, long-adored traditions, a city full of character and undiscovered treasures, there’re plenty of exciting things to do and see in the south-east nation.

If you’re planning on visiting Myanmar soon and looking forward to an adventurous trip, a Myanmar tour packages can help you achieve that. Sure, most of the tour packages critics often argue about less freedom of arranging their itinerary, or overrated/uninteresting destinations that comes with tour packages. However, by choosing a Myanmar tour package, you stand to benefit immensely from your visit to Myanmar.

If you’re still on the fence about whether you need a Myanmar tour operator, here are top four amazing benefits.

1) Proper Guidance

When travelling to a new country, you might get perplexed on which place to visit and leave. Myanmar, in particular, as we’ve seen above, it’s a pretty new tourist destination, and not much of the region has been documented, so you stand to lose big if you decide to DIY.

However, Myanmar tour operators have an intimate knowledge of the whole region and know which regions might be of interest to their clients. Local Myanmar tour operators, in particular, have “insider information” on different and exciting places that are probably not in your regular tour guide.

With a Myanmar tour operator, you’re treated to the best of the attractions, culture, and beauty.

2) Generally less costly

Touring cost and charges play an important role when choosing your travel destination. If you’re looking for a budget-friendly trip to Myanmar, Myanmar tour operators can help you achieve that. See, tour operators use the economies to scale to achieve lower pricing for all their services.

For instance, many hotels are willing to offer Myanmar tour operators a huge discount for their catering services because they purchase their services in bulk.

3) Stress-free and Organized Trip

Another major benefit of hiring Myanmar travel agency is the convenience and stress-free touring experience. With the agency, you no longer have to worry about your itinerary, where to visit, your accommodation, transport, and basically everything.

Also, when it comes to safety, most of the Myanmar travel agents have put in place security measures, including respectable offshore agents, meaning that you only have to relax as you get treated to the best of Myanmar.

4) Supporting the Local Community

In most cases, Myanmar tour operators have sourced their labour, i.e., drivers, tour guides, navigators and porters from the local community. Therefore, seeking the services of Myanmar tour operators is the hallmark of a responsible tourist.

Also, most of these operators, unlike individual entities, engage in a lot of charitable campaigns toward the local community and development of wildlife.